Zentuary Seeds Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based company registered under ACRA since 2015 with a pledge to adopt  Singapore Tripartite Standards.  The company provides a variety of education services in Singapore and consultancy on educational and cultural projects.




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People in Zentuary Seeds are very friendly, easy-going and warm-hearted. The Sunday Family Sharing programme helps me to improve my oral English and the monthly activity provides me a chance to know Singapore better. It is a suitable place for overseas student to live in.

Zhu Yinqi


Being an international student in this place for over a year, what my thought is: it is really a place to develop a proactive mind towards learning and picking up life skills – lifelong learning is promoted here. To be frank, it helps me a lot not only in school work but also in life.  Being able to discover more that we might not be aware of and learn to be patient.  Last but not the least, this is a good place to stay if you are not familiar with this country and want to be guided, I strongly recommend you to join the Zentuary Seeds Family.

Zhao Haoran, Micheal


I’m so glad that my son gets to know all of you who are like his friends and mentors, giving him timely reminder and assistance when he needs them most.  He is more willing to listen to you. Sometimes, what we say as parents may not get the same results as you have done.

Granny Hong


As a mother, I think you all have better methods than I to help my daughter. You have repeatedly focused on her aspirations and goals, and been encouraging her to overcome her own weaknesses to pass her current obstacle.

Wang Mama