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We design original transmedia content with insights on strategic communications and domain expertise to spark meaningful engagements and conversations for collective betterment. We believe that conscientious transmedia media content, inspired by higher purposes and grounded in audience insights, has now become an important education tool to enrich our diverse Singaporean communities, and beyond.

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Flora Low

Advisor | Director

Currently a columnist for Lianhe Zaobao, Hui Hui returned to Singapore after having gained work and learning experiences both in the USA and Greater China region for more than two decades. She collaborated with cultural and non-profit organizations in China and Taiwan for the conceptualization and design of youth programmes such as leadership in creative, culture and peace..

Rita Chen

Partner, International Education

Rita has more than 20 years of international advisory expertise for teenaged students in the Greater China region.  Her vast experience in education also includes designing training courses and recruiting instructors for Taiwanese premier precious stones brand Titto and education consultancy center GETSET. 

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Shawn Low

Founder | Director

Shawn gained 15 years of military experience with Singapore Navy as the pioneering batch of domain specialists in submarine unit for 11 years.  During his three-year professional training course in Sweden, he learned to put his secondary school Physics textbook learning into professional use, and had a Eureka moment of the essence and importance of deep learning gained from contextual applications. 

Chrys Ng

Partner, Special Projects

Chrys began her lifelong learning journey as a teenager taking up entry-level jobs in F&B during school holidays.  She found her early passion in the industry and worked her way up to managerial and operational roles over a course of 20 years.  During her professional career, she sought the different path of growth in the insurance industry, and continued to excel with her ground-up pragmatic work style.