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Page Insights For WordPress

With the Page Insights addon, you can quickly view individual page metrics inside WordPress, without needing to learn how to create filters and views inside Google Analytics. View the following metrics for the previous day and the previous 30 days:

  • Users
  • Time on Page
  • Pageviews
  • Entrances
  • And more!

Our Page Insights addon allows you to easily view each page’s individual performance, without needing to log into Google Analytics. You can simply click on each page or post inside your WordPress dashboard, to quickly see the key metrics and stats that matter.

Properly Track Facebook Instant Articles

Simply enable the Facebook Instant Article addon and our plugin will automatically track all instant article views inside Google Analytics. There is no need to configure any settings, it just works.

See Which Content is Working Best

Once you know what to measure, it’s easy to increase 2x your traffic and clicks! With accurate Facebook Article tracking, you’ll be able to:

  • See which posts are the most popular on Facebook
  • What topics and formats work best with Facebook
  • Which content your audience ignores
  • And more!

Google Ads Conversion Tracking Made Simple

If you use WooCommerce, EasyDigitalDownloads, MemberPress, Give WP, LifterLMS, or RestrictContent Pro, simply provide your Adwords conversion ID, and MonsterInsights will take care of the rest. No longer will you need to mess with tag setup and configuration to track conversions.

Dig Deeper with Google Analytics

MonsterInsights sends all Ads data properly into Google Analytics so that you can reliably analyze, segment, and make better data-based decisions to maximize your revenue.

One Click Setup, Advanced Features Included

Enabling Google Optimize to work with Google Analytics inside WordPress couldn’t be easier. Simply input your Google Optimize Container ID, and you’re good to go! Google Analytics will now properly read your Google Optimize variations and experiments. No development is needed!

Google Optimize, Optimized!

With Google Optimize enabled through MonsterInsights, you can toggle to enable the Google Optimize anti-flicker script. Of course, you have full control over how this works to maximize the user experience.

Ready To Go – Out of The Box

We’ve already created popular custom dimensions so that you can start getting valuable insights immediately. Automatically track:

  • Author Tracking
  • Post Type tracking
  • Category Tracking
  • SEO Score Tracking
  • Published At Time
  • Is Logged In
  • User ID
  • Focus Keyword

Custom Dimensions Reporting Inside WordPress

MonsterInsights makes it easy to view your custom dimension data right inside the WordPress dashboard. This will help show you what’s working, so you can make data-driven decisions to get more traffic, increase your clicks, and grow your business.

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