Flora Low

Advisor | Director

Currently a columnist for Lianhe Zaobao, Hui Hui returned to Singapore after having gained work and learning experiences both in the USA and Greater China region for more than two decades. She collaborated with cultural and non-profit organizations in China and Taiwan for the conceptualization and design of youth programmes such as leadership in creative, culture and peace.

She has also participated in local youth NPO programmes as a teacher to disadvantaged children living in mountainous areas in Yunnan. During the water shortage crisis in the summer of 2011 that threatened a primary school live-in community of 100, she organized resources in Shanghai to support and host an Indie rock concert for fund-raising in an ethnic Bai village by Erhai, Dali – first-of-its-kind. Her journey to seek new sustainable grounds for social causes and higher purposes began back in her days during late 90s as a Singaporean media professional startup veteran proactively trying to better align corporate and public resources for multi-stakeholders’ common benefits and goals.

A practitioner in the area where media, entertainment, education and technology merge, Hui Hui received her MBA in Entrepreneurship and Global Management from Babson College in Boston, Massachusetts and her Bachelor’s in Science with Honours (Radio-TV-Film and Global Communications) from The University of Texas at Austin.

Her recent win at “2019 Asian TV Festival Chinese Pitch – Online Movie Script” illustrated her abilities to transcend modalities with her in-depth research on cultural and heritage sites in Whampoa, early founding decades of Singapore, ophthalmology and AI-applications into cinematic expressions.

Shawn Low

Founder | Director

Shawn gained 15 years of military experience with Singapore Navy as the pioneering batch of domain specialists in submarine unit for 11 years.  During his three-year professional training course in Sweden, he learned to put his secondary school Physics textbook learning into professional use, and had a Eureka moment of the essence and importance of deep learning gained from contextual applications. 

His independent pursuit of peace works led him to volunteer as a member of the Singaporean UN peace force to Middle East during the Gulf War, a deployment journey which lasted for 6 months from Singapore to the Gulf on a navy warship.  He was also one of the three navy personnel who volunteered to escort three Singapore submarines from Sweden through the Baltic Seas, Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean. This 6-week voyage without port of call faced battling challenge against extreme stormy weather in Norway. Under starry nights and facing vast seas, Shawn spent time reading and journaling his reflection during this once-in-a-lifetime voyage.

Due to his excellent performance, Shawn became one of the only two Singaporeans chosen to steer the submarine in the most dangerous high-risk expeditions.  At one point, he was one of the top submarinas with the highest number dive hours. He began imparting his tacit knowledge by becoming the coach for new signed-on submariners as young as aged 18.

In the early inception years of Zentuary Seeds, Shawn is the key experience designer of a homestay-like hostel for teenaged international students in Singapore. He organized weekly coaching programmes and monthly Singaporean cultural and heritage activities to assimilate his students.

In his past time, Shawn enjoyed culinary arts, theatrical plays, integrative wellness, and travel.  He is a proud Dad of two young toddlers, and they have challenged him to take on many creative home-based learning experiments during the Singapore’s circuit breaker period in 2020.

Rita Chen

Partner, International Education

Rita has more than 20 years of international advisory expertise for teenaged students in the Greater China region.  Her vast experience in education also includes designing training courses and recruiting instructors for Taiwanese premier precious stones brand Titto and education consultancy center GETSET. 

Her passion in inter-faith and cross-cultures communication and collaboration leads her to begin organizing with Sikh Langar – “Islam Eid-al-Fitr”, a refugee children’s art exhibition to promote understanding and dialogues across differences.

Rita received her Master’s in Applied Research in Education from University of East Anglia in the U.K.  She is also a registered nurse in both the U.K. and Taiwan. Her latest learning experience is a course in non-violent communication by Brahma Kumari. 

Chrys Ng

Partner, Special Projects

Chrys began her lifelong learning journey as a teenager taking up entry-level jobs in F&B during school holidays.  She found her early passion in the industry and worked her way up to managerial and operational roles over a course of 20 years.  During her professional career, she sought the different path of growth in the insurance industry, and continued to excel with her ground-up pragmatic work style.

After receiving a Diploma in Buddhism Studies from Taiwan Yitung Buddhist Institute, her 4-year study grounded her passion for social causes. She brought her newfound vision to serve with equanimity for thousands at corporate events as well as close to one hundred teenagers in a 10-day local Dharma camp, wearing multiple hats in procurement and logistics, first-aid and F&B operations. 

Chrys was inspired after her first 12-day Langtang Trek in Nepal where her group passed on supplies to principals and teachers they met along the trek. As a self-starter, she began to organize and lead social impact travel expeditions for Singaporeans thereafter to reach out to orphans in Cambodia and refugees in Myanmar-Thai border.  Locally, she served as a community organizer for volunteers and resources to care for live-alone elderly in Bukit Merah as well as NKF patients.

Chrys is certified in both Occupational First Aid (OFA) and Child First Aid (CFA) in Singapore.  She has also received certifications in Community Emergency Preparedness Programme and fire safety e-learning are awarded by Singapore Civil Defense Force.