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Yoast SEO pro is a popular WordPress plugin with over 5 million active installs. It provides users with an easy-to-use interface to optimize their SEO settings and improve their website’s visibility on search engine results pages. Yoast SEO pro also helps users to create sitemaps, set up redirects, and create meta tags to improve their website’s performance.

The plugin works by monitoring the content of a website and providing users with recommendations on how to improve it for better SEO performance. It also provides users with real-time feedback on their content, so they can make changes as needed. Yoast SEO pro also helps users to optimize their images for SEO so that the images are more likely to appear in search engine results.

Yoast SEO pro also provides users with a feature called “Focus Keywords” which helps users to focus their content around a specific keyword or phrase. This helps users to create content that is more likely to be found by search engines. Yoast SEO pro also helps users to create internal links within their website, which can improve their website’s overall visibility and ranking.

Finally, Yoast SEO pro also provides users with several advanced features such as the ability to set up custom post types and taxonomies, as well as the ability to generate an XML sitemap. These features can help users to optimize their website’s performance and visibility on search engine results pages.

Overall, Yoast SEO pro is a powerful WordPress plugin that can help users to optimize their website’s SEO performance and improve their website’s visibility on search engine results pages. With its easy-to-use interface and advanced features, Yoast SEO can help users to create SEO-friendly content, optimize their images, and set up custom post types and taxonomies. With the help of Yoast SEO, users can ensure that their website is seen by the right people and that their content is optimized for SEO.

Yoast Pro v19.6 GPL version:

Yoast SEO Premium Free Download; Today, we have shared the Yoast SEO Premium GPL file for free download to everyone. We have also added Yoast Extensions ( Local SEO, Video SEO, News SEO, WooComerce SEO). The shared file is not Yoast SEO Premium nulled or cracked; it’s a 100% Yoast SEO Premium GPL file, and you can use this GPL file on unlimited websites.

Yoast SEO pro v19.6 GPL version review:

Let me introduce you to the features of Yoast SEO Premium. Of course, when you buy Yoast SEO Premium, you get access to a couple of things. The first of all is support. You get access to our excellent support team to answer your emails 24/7. We might not always respond within the minute, but we’re trying to respond as fast as we can, and we’re ever-growing that team to be faster and faster, and they can help you with setup questions and with particular questions about things that do not work in your install.

Now, I’d like to talk to you about a more robust set of features. First of all, you get social previews. Do you know the snippet preview from Yoast SEO? The social previews are the previews of what your page will look like when shared on Facebook and Twitter. Next to that, you can use up to five keywords per post instead of one. 

So, where you can set one focus keyword for a post in Yoast SEO free, in Yoast SEO Premium, you can use up to five, so you can optimize for synonyms, or you can optimize for a couple of related words in one post. On top of that, we give you internal linking suggestions. We give you tips on other pages within your site to connect to this page.

I’ll give you more information about that in a sec. We give you content insights. We tell you which words you’ve used the most on this page or post. It’s as simple as that. We count the words, and we give you the most used words, but actually, that bit of insight can be precious when optimizing your post.

When you realize that you’re writing about one word a lot more than the focus keyword you’re aiming to write your post about. We have a redirect manager that allows you to create redirects. This seems relatively trivial, but it’s not embedded into WordPress, so you need a way to redirect the user from one URL to another when they hit your site. I’ll talk a bit more about that in a sec as well.

Finally, last but not least, when you buy Yoast SEO premium, all of Yoast becomes ad-free. In the backend, we usually have some ads to highlight our services and our products because we have to. make money. But as soon as you pay us some money by buying Premium, we remove all those ads, because we find them as annoying as you do, but we have to have a way to make money.

So, as soon as you buy Yoast SEO Premium, those ads are gone, and you can use that a lot more easily for your clients. Now I have two personal favorites. I touched on those. It’s the redirect manager, and it’s a personal favorite because it ties in with a feature of Yoast SEO that’s very powerful as well. If you go into the Google Search

Console page within Yoast SEO, you can see all the errors Google has seen for your site. With the redirect manager, you can redirect those errors away immediately so you can solve those errors without even leaving your WordPress admin.

It’s a lovely connection between the two. It does other things as well, so if you delete a page, it will ask you, “Hey, you’ve just deleted this page; where should I redirect this to?” Or if you’ve renamed a category, it will say, “Hey, you’ve just renamed the category; we’ve created a redirect from the old URL of the category to the new URL of the category for you.”

Automatically, you don’t have to think about it. We’ll keep your site nice and clean. The other feature that I like is the internal linking suggestions. The internal linking suggestions are a bit like the secret tool of most experienced SEOs. Most experienced SEOs, when they get to a site, either large or small, start looking at “okay, so what page should rank for what and how can I make that page rank for that a lot better”?

And what they then start doing is optimizing the site’s internal linking. With our interior linking suggestions, we help you by suggesting relevant internal links for every post and page to ensure that your site reaches its full potential in what it can rank for.

Now, as you may have heard, all of these features of Yoast SEO Premium is fantastic when you want to optimize your site. If you don’t want to spend time on your SEO, then, by all means, you don’t need Yoast SEO Premium. But as soon as you want to spend time on your SEO, you want to optimize your site Yoast SEO Premium will save you an awful lot of time. Good luck!

Yoast SEO Premium v19.6 Changelog

  • Fixes a bug where notifications in the notification center would not be dismissible on sites using FastCGI.
  • Fixes a bug where the estimated reading time would not be shown when posts that were created before Yoast SEO 15.6 were shared on Slack.
  • Adds a Block Editor block that shows the estimated reading time for a Page or Post.
  • Adds the estimated reading time to the Insights Modal.
  • Introduces word form support for Norwegian.
  • Fixes a bug where the Yoast siblings and subpages blocks were not active in certain edge cases.
  • Reduces JavaScript bundle sizes, which should result in slightly faster page loads of the editor.
  • It also includes every other change done in Yoast SEO v15.6.2 free version.

Yoast Pro SEO v19.6 works with elementor?

Yes, Yoast SEO Pro works with Elementor. Yoast’s plugin is optimized to perfectly integrate with Elementor, so you can easily optimize your content for SEO. You can also access a range of SEO features in the Elementor editor, including Yoast SEO suggestions. Hope that helps!

Yoast pro vs Rank math pro?

When it comes to Yoast Pro vs Rank Math Pro, it really depends on your individual needs and preferences. Both plugins offer great features and can help you to improve your SEO. Yoast Pro has a great user interface and is easy to set up. It also provides helpful advice and tips on how to optimize your content. Rank Math Pro is a bit more robust with its features and can help you to track your SEO performance. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which plugin best suits your needs. Good luck!

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